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AutoHeat - Pedometer

Your Agent in Herd

Daily motions of animals would be tracked by your most important helper to observe estrus, AutoHeat. AutoHeat would communicate with ProFarm at the moment it senses the estrus by its smart structure. If it is matching with birth and other datas of the animal, if a general mobility is not happening in herd, information would be sent to your Mobile Phone via SMS. For Successful Herd Growth

A successful farmer is the one who gets one heifer per cow every year. Yield of milk would not be cut through accurate insemination. Accurate insemination is possible with an effective monitoring of estrus. Also, order of animals breeding would directly affect their yield of milk. Because overall milk production would decrease at estrus period.

In estrus period, animal mobility would increase correspondingly hormonal increase, for bovine animals in particular. They would spend most of their time by standing or walking instead of resting. If they demonstrate an estrus symptom or not can be seen by monitoring increases of animals mobilities via pedometer.

Huge Profit

Dairy business depends on getting a heifer per year. A profitable husbandry is out of the question in a herd where you could not get a heifer regularly. Daily loss is 7-8 TL in case of the extension of 1 year period (It is taken that Milk = 80 Kr). Cost of each wasted estrus after 45-60 days following the birth would be 140-150 TL. You have a chance to get rid of this cost with AutoHeat. Direct Profit Through AutoHeat

Due to high food costs today, income obtained from milk of farms would be spent for this cost item generally, therefore breeding would become more important. Another cost item would be insemination costs which are spent repeatedly due to not catching estrus on time (According to studies, 13-30% of the cows are inseminated at the wrong time).

Although pedometer would bring foot to mind, it would be placed on animals’ necks. It would proceed not only through step count, but by sensing all motions of the animal. Therefore, it is able to sense the motions of animals that feel uneasy where they stand. This method would be more effective when it is used contributively with observation method.