Operation is just started with the delivery of milking parlor and other products. Most basic solution we offer for high standard services and customer satisfaction is First Step Trainings.

First Step Training aims for delivered products to be used effectively and accurately. After installation, a technical personnel would offer consulting service at the farm for all processes during one week. The objective is to gain expertise through instructional supports such as proper use of installed milking parlor, necessary precautions for maintaining its life-span, regular maintenance processes.

High technology products are designed to increase yield of your farm and make your life easier. Highest benefit would be obtained through the most accurate use and management of these products. To that end, a training plan that consists of detailed informations about products, demonstration of daily and weekly maintenance practices is designed. Trainings are given at your farm by qualified technical personnel. Training period is determined as one standart week. Qualified technical personnel would accompany you and your workers in all processes and offer consulting service over the course of one week.