The main advantage is our relentless and tireless explorer spirit, our team composed by idealist field engineers, not plaza engineers and our studies not separated from farm environment...

Technological solutions take place of traditional methods in the world. Recommended solutions for maximum yield would increase investment costs. As of AUTOMILK, we work to make technology easily accessible for farmer.


Although I know each of my animals, I can see yield datas and all previous operations on system. We were trying to monitor the estrus by naked eye. Thanks to AutoHeat - Estrus Monitoring, we found a reliable support in addition to monitoring by eye. You would quickly get used to convenience of automation

Harun Sürgüveç

Gölbaşı, ANKARA, 2010.

It was obvious that this team has a distinctness even in sale and marketing. During installation, they overcame many problems occurred from construction with smart proposals and very low costs. They are next to us anytime we need since the day of system installation. We were also worried about who we trust in milking parlor. I am so glad to work with Algan.


Sincan, ANKARA, 2014.

Qualified and sharp engineers were there even at the start of the project. I witnessed since the first day how successful they are about generating eligible solutions constantly. In a very short period of time, they became a world-shaking brand and they deserve great success.

Prof.Dr. Adnan ŞEHU

Veterinary School of Ankara University, 2009