Quality Policy

Quality Policy

AutoMilk Quality Policy has been designed in the scope of customer satisfaction. Quality is perceived as a whole by including service and support quality, not only product quality. Main goal is for all shareholders to understand the brand which is a friend of its customers.

When the quality is considered, AutoMilk would define:

“with the intent of providing constant customer satisfaction, developing target-driven, sufficient and healthy products, devices, service and support as essential Quality Principles.”

Our Quality Standards

Quality Tracking System : AutoMilk, who feels the power of Algan Group in every stage, would track each process through the ERP - Enterprise Resource Plannning system exclusively developed for itself to track production and maintenance processes. Every malfunction is used as an important data input in new production processes and new projects. Quality standards are tracked with methods below.

Warranty tracking process
Regular Survey studies
Malfunction tracking process
Service tracking process

Warranty Processes Management System

Warranty management would provide the control of all activities performed from the installation of product to warranty deadline. You can use your system with peace of mind, without having any surprise. Start date of warranty and all activities made in a farm under warranty would be registered in ERP system. Extreme cases such as frequently replacing the same device under warranty are delivered to company executives immediately and the concentration on problem would be handled at highest level. Warranty services are perceived as the golden key of customer satisfaction and all measures are taken to provide a comfortable service to customers.

Quality in Project Management

AutoMilk develops the products with high added value which are needed in Husbandry field as its essential area of focus. High added value is provided by improved R&D projects only. Since the first day starting with this purpose, donation programs are performed under the supervision of important Technology-Support organizations such as Tübitak, Kosgeb. Total budget of projects, which are approved under the supervision of Certified Public Accountant and performed between 2008-2014, are over 2.000.000 $. The management of this source only devoted to R&D is also very important. All management processes and obtained outputs are constantly followed by experts of institutions such as universities and Tübitak. All activities of our company, who has a R&D unit in Technocity of Hacettepe University, are regularly shared with Technocity administration and Ministry of Industry.

Quality in Sale, Installation and Maintenance Services

Quality understanding of AutoMilk would start at the moment price offers for sale are given. Price offers are provided together with price warranty. Projecting the given offer to customer in sales agreement absolutely without making any changes under any circumstances is an irreplaceable management standard. Sales agreement would start with sales contract that protects rights of all shareholders within law and justice measures.

Warranty conditions after sale would be applied one by one as they are provided in agreement. Each type of service and warranty operations would be registered through information forms provided to customer. All operations are recorded into ERP system and therefore every customer can be tracked separately. .

Quality in Support Services

The basic of quality in support services would depend on the management of customer demands. Malfunction logs of customer are immediately recorded to ERP system. In the case of where the response time for an open malfunction passed 48 hours, automatical warning is generated in the system and executives are informed. Personnel management system is based on the immediate management and troubleshooting of malfunctions and same malfunction to be not repeated. Every documentation related to services by telephone is prepared. These documents are delivered during installation to customer.