Maintenance Policy

Support and maintenance services after installation are the most important processes for milking equipments and technology solutions of farm investments. AutoMilk Maintenance Policy is developed for regular maintenance of your farm established at high quality, for your personnel to be able to use the system with maximum output and for secure and constant milking away from sudden surprises.

AutoMilk Maintenance Policy,

  • 1.It is prepared to organize the periodical change of consumables. It is determined that every piece will be placed according to a certain use count or operating time.
  • 2.Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance processes are determined by your personnel. ,
  • 3.Hygiene conditions for a healthy milking are listed and required meaures for constant cleaning of all milking system are defined.
  • 4.Delivery period of spare parts are guaranteed. Measures are taken to provide delivery in maximum one day through developed stock management.
  • 5.Methods are defined to generate solutions immediately for potential malfunctions. For instance, requirements for milking to proceed in case of a problem within a station are defined. Therefore, problems originated from delays in delivery have been minimized.
  • 6.Detailed product designs and application plans are given after installation for your personnel to intervene in field.
  • 7.Maintenance and malfunction response methods are explained in the training after installation.
  • 8.Solutions for milking personnel to use the system accurately and in this way to prolong the life-span of the system are developed.
  • 9.Modules and devices needed to be maintained are constantly monitored, constant activities on product development are being operated for long-lived service with minimum maintenance.

The fact that constant customer satisfaction is defined as principle improvement method forms the basis of our service understanding and policies. Through the High Level Maintenance Service of our company who targets satisfied customers as the best marketing method, you will be able to focus on your animals only.